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Our sunflower will make every dish delicious, green salads as well as fragrant bakery. Why? The answer is simple: there's no place for GMO, chemical addings or aromatizers. But still it’s incredibly rich in antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids.

Using the extruder pressing technology we achieve the ultimate purity of our sunflower oil. First of all, the the sunflower seeds are dried and cleaned from it's shell. And then comes the extruder: it mills the seeds, heat them to the high temperature in order to get the precious liquid. Afterwards all the stages of production are repeated three times and result is worth it. After these enduring operations not only wonderful sunflower oil is got, but also a great number of other useful substances.

Here's the detailed list of all stages of production and their short description:

Hydration. The number one stage of the process. The purpose – removal of needless phosphorus admixtures. How: by means of passing water through the atoms of oil.

Neutralization. We don't need terrible smell in the process of cooking. The culprit - free fatty acids. So, the second stage neutralizes them.

Bleaching. Perfect color if the oil is the merit of the third stage. How: special bleaching clay can deal with it. The purpose: getting away the spoiling pigments that lead to premature oxidation.

Winterization – the way to remove the wax from the product.

Deodorization. Perfect odor – perfect cooking oil. During the process every harmful substance is cleared away.

Nitration. Long term storing without any need in stabilizers and conservatives. It's possible with the help of nitrogen.

The purity of the sunflower oil is our number one priority. Step by step we follow the EU standards and achieve the best quality of the product.














Parameters Value Measurement Method
Free Fatty Acid Content (%) 0,12 DSTU 4350
GOST 5476
Peroxide number, 1/2 O mmol/kg 2,0 DSTU 4570
Fat Content (%) 99,9 DSTU 4570
Mass Part of Moisture and Volatile Matter (%) 0,1 DSTU 4603
Color Loyibond 1,3 Red
13 yellow
DSTU 4568
Density (20℃) 0,918 - 0,923 -
Refraction 1,461-1,468 -
Saponification ratio 188-194 -
Unsaponifiables (%) 1,0 DSTU 6050
Iodine Number 118-141 DSTU 4569
Nonfat impurity (%) Absence DSTU ISO 663
DSTU 5063
Soap Absence DSTU 6048
Mass Fraction of Phosphorus (% - In terms of sterearolecitin) Absence DSTU 7082
Mass Fraction of benzopyrene, ug/kg 2,0 DSTU 4689
Copper, ppm 0,4 MBB 081/12-16-98
Iron, ppm 5,0 GOST 26928-86
Lead, ppm 0,1 MBB 081/12-16-98
Arsenic, ppm 0,1 GOST 26930-86
Energy value, kcal/100g 899 DSTU 4492:2005

Fatty acid content of Sunflower Oil

C14:0 Myristic Acid under 0,2 GOST 30418-96
C16:0 Palmitic Acid 3,0-10,0 GOST 30418-96
C18:0 Stearic Acid 1,0-10,0 GOST 30418-96
C18:1 Oleic Acid 14,0-35,0 GOST 30418-96
Linoleic Acid 50,0-75,0 GOST 30418-96
Arachidic Acid under 1,5 GOST 30418-96
C22:0 Behenic Acid under 1,5 GOST 30418-96

Oil packed in PET bottles with formats of: 1L, 1.8L, 3L, 5L;
in flexitanks - 22 MT
Shelf life of 12 months



  The fatty acid content in sunflower oil is also connected to energy levels in the body

 It cares about the energy. Enough amount of the oil will supply body with the antioxidants all day long

 No asthma with the pure sunflower oil! The researches demonstrate that regular using of oil reduce the number of asthma attacks and the level of their seriousness. The reason is extraordinary vitamins and incredibly useful fatty acids in the content of the oil

 Strong skin and powerful immune system. Oil strengthens the skin and it's far harder for danger viruses to get in

 Sunflower oil is a “queen” of the other oils because of the highest content of the omega-6

 You'll be surprised by our export price of sunflower oil

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